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Whodunit? – That’s the thrilling question


Bei dem Begriff „whodunit“ handelt es sich um die phonetisch geschriebene Frage “Who has done it?“, zu Deutsch „Wer hat es getan?“. Der Begriff wird im Englischen benutzt, um ein Teilgenre des Krimis näher zu klassifizieren und mit genau diesen Krimis hat sich die Klasse 7c im Lockdown während der Beschäftigung mit verschiedenen bekannten britischen Autoren wie J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, Malorie Blackman oder Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, dem Erfinder der berühmten Sherlock Holmes Geschichten in der englischen Literatur im Distanzunterricht intensiv auseinandergesetzt. Es wurden Auszüge aus den Büchern der Autoren wie „The Robot Girl“ oder „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“ gelesen, doch am interessantesten war wahrscheinlich die Lösung eines Kriminalfalls unter dem Titel „The speckled band“. Die Aufgabe der Schülerinnen und Schüler bestand nun darin, eigene Detektivgeschichten in Gruppen zu entwerfen und wenn sie auch nicht alle fehlerfrei sind, so sind doch interessante und spannende Krimikurzgeschichten zustande gekommen, die den Mitschülerinnen und Mitschülern sowie weiteren interessierten Lesern nicht weiter vorenthalten werden sollten. Wir wünschen daher viel Spaß beim Lesen der nachfolgenden fesselnden Geschichten…

Beate Burkhardt


A deadly good detective  

„Miouw!“ shocked, the tomcat- detective Winston awoke on a sunny day, sunlight burning in his yellow eyes. He just had a night mare and had to calm down. Winston was a professional detective. Cats and tomcats came to his owners office every week or two, to give him a new case to work on.

As he waited fort he next client, his eyes followed the endless amount of cars on the streets. Finally, a client scratched the wooden door a little. He asked him to come in and on his clients furry face he saw that something was wrong in the neighbourhood…

The tomcat‘s name was Dusty, and dusty explained that his and his friend‘s cat food was stolen the day before yesterday. They were really worried now and needed Winston‘s help! Now they were standing outside of Dusty`s house. Winston asked a few more questions like:“Do you know who could have done such a cruel thing like this?“  The dust-grey tomcat Dusty answered : „No, sorry. All the cats in the neighbourhood seem to be nice.“ That was weird. Immediatly Winston searched on the ground  and found something interesting. It was a track of cat food and paw prints that lead to the house with the number 4 on it. A few seconds and they would know who the thief was. It was the cat Stacy. Because cats don`t have prisons, she had to give all the food back and let Dusty take walks in her garden whenever he wants. And again Winston was happy that he could help another fellow tomcat…

(Laurenz, Sarah, Magdalena)

Crime – Story

Back in 1990 there was a famous detective named Oskar. He found all kidnapped children and solved all sorts of crimes. One day he got the assignment to save a thirty-year-old woman and her child. Oskar informed his assistant and they began to find out all the important facts and pieces of information about these people. He noticed that the woman got divorced from her husband and filed a complaint against him. The assistant immediately went to tell it Oskar and it was clear to him that they had to go looking for this man. Oskar went to Sweden with his assistant because that was the country where the man was supposed to live. When they arrived there, he was not at home, they looked around in the house and found pictures of an old fisherman‘s house where the man should probably be every weekend. Oskar had no idea whether this was important for the case, but it felt strange in his assistant‘s eyes. He began to look closely at these pictures and discovered a small map with a circle drawn in, of course, he assumed that the hut was there and drove off. When he arrived there, he heard the first gunshot. The woman‘s old man shouted loudly: “I will only release her for money.“ Oskar whispered in the ear of his assistant that he should enter the house through the back entrance. The man shouted again: „I want 250,000 € or they will die!!“ Oskar agreed and slowly walked towards the house, when his assistant tried to overcome the man from behind. Oskar brought the woman and her child out oft he house, luckily nothing happened to them. The man received no money but was imprisoned for fifty years. The woman was so happy and thanked the detective and his assistant very much…

(Laura, Gregor und Andreas)


Out of the house

On an early morning in 2010 Jack and Rose Brown woke up and Mrs Brown went to her daughters Grace and Maja to wake them up. But they weren´t in their rooms. ‘‘ Where are Grace and Maja, Jack?“, ‘‘Aren´t they here?“ asked Jack. ‘‘No they are not here“, said Rose. The parents looked for the children everywhere in the house but they couldn´t find them. ‘‘Let´s go to the detective Mr. Johnson and Dr. Smith and ask for their help!“

At the detective´s house

‘‘My name ist Rose Brown and that´s my husband Jack Brown. We are the parents of Grace and Maja. We live in Los Angeles. Yesterday our daugthers had an argument and today in the morning they were gone. ‘‘ “Can you show me a picture of your children and tell me what the argument was about?“ ,asked Mr. Johnson. ‘‘I don´t know… I didn´t hear much, only someone slamming the front door. I didn´t think that they would run away but here is a picture of them“, Rose stuttered, nearly crying. ‘‘Thank you for telling us. We will find your daugthers, promised!“

The next day

Mr. Johnson and Dr. Smith, the two detectives, started searching for the girls and so they drove to the Brown´s house. The detective wanted to ring the doorbell but Dr. Smith discovered a track in the snow. ‘‘Look! There are tracks! Let´s follow them. Maybe they´re from the sisters.“ The men followed the tracks and came to a frozen lake. ‘‘Do you see that? There is a hole in the lake and there is a girl in the water, who has got a lot of blood on her head!“, Johnson shouted nervously. ‘‘Oh my god, that must be Grace! She is dead. But where is Maja?“

Mr. Johnson phoned Mr. and Mrs. Brown and informed them what happened.Meanwhile Dr. Smith found another track which led into the near forest.

They followed the track and found Maja sleeping behind a tree with blood on her hands. The detective woke her up and asked her about the blood on her hands. Maja looked sad and cried ‘‘I must tell you something… I had a big argument with my sister Grace. She ran out of our house and I ran after her. I pushed my sister and I didn´t know that we were standing on a lake. She broke into the lake and hurt her head. Everything was full of blood and I wanted to pull her out of the water. But it was too late. I was so scared that I ran away and then I stumbled and broke my leg.“

The detectives‘ work was done. They found the sisters but one of them wasn’t alive…